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8th Grade Promotion Guidelines

Dear Parents of AHA Junior High Students,

This letter is to inform you and your child(ren) that AHA has already established a clear set of guidelines and expectations for 8th grade promotion into high school. The junior high teaching staff and the administration have established the following criteria for 8th grade promotion. Students failing to reach the requirements for promotion may be retained. A committee comprised of teachers and administrators may review a child’s circumstance on a case by case basis, as needed utilizing our discretion. The criterion for 8th grade promotion is as follows:

Academic Requirements for 8th grade promotion:

  • The Core Classes – Must have a 65% whole year course average in each of the four core classes in 8th grade (Science, Math, Social Studies, and ELA). This means that the average of the two semesters for any given core class must be 65% or higher. For example, a 60% would only work if in the other semester for that core class, the student achieved a 70% or better.
  • 4 Elective classes – (Statesmanship, Art, PE, Study Hall, Technology) = 20 semesters over a two year period. Must pass (with a 65% or better for the year) 14 or more of these elective semesters while in junior high.

Attendance Requirements for 8th grade promotion:

Sequoia Schools Attendance Policy

Daily school attendance and punctuality are essential for the continuous progress and academic success of each child. A child is expected to attend school on-time each day unless he or she must miss for one of the following reasons:

  1. Illness; doctor, dentist, or counselor appointment; or contagious circumstance
  2. Death in the immediate family
  3. Family emergency
  4. Family vacations that cannot be scheduled during school holidays or weekends.
  5. Religious holiday

For each child’s safety and to avoid an Unexcused Absence on the child’s record, a parent or guardian should notify school office personnel prior to any planned school absence and by 9:00 AM on the morning of an absence necessitated by illness or family emergency. Any absence not excused within 24 hours will be considered Unexcused. All absences are considered unexcused until a parent or guardian excuses them.

Assignments missed on account of an Unexcused Absences may not be made up.

Students missing 10 consecutive days will be withdrawn from the school (chronic illness, suspension, or other extenuating circumstances may warrant an exception at the principal’s discretion). Students missing more than 9 days a semester may be subject to academic consequences up to and including retention in their current grade level or the withholding of credit.

A child arriving late to school must present a note of explanation from his or her parent or guardian and be duly admitted into the school according to the school’s procedures. Students planning to leave early must have parent or guardian consent and be duly exited from the school according to the school’s procedures before they leave the school campus.

If a student is consistently absent or tardy the school will implement the following procedures:

  1. The teacher or school office personnel will call the parent.
  2. The teacher or school office personnel will notify the parent in writing when a student has missed more than 4 days in a quarter.
  3. The principal, teacher, or their delegate will initiate a visit by school personnel or local law enforcement agency.
  4. If steps 1-3 yield no results a Student Study Team will meet to determine the student’s welfare.
  5. If a student is tardy more than 3 times, appropriate discipline will be implemented.

8th Grade Students Who Will Be Retained

Students and parents will be contacted during Semester 2 if the 8th grade student is under consideration for retention. Students who are retained will lose first preference on their re-enrollment status. Please call the front office with any questions or concerns.

Kind regards,

The Junior High Team and the AHA Administration