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Cottonwood: (928) 634-2144

Principal’s Message

Welcome to American Heritage Academy

American Heritage Academy, founded in 1995, provides a unique educational experience for students who want to become the thinkers, doers, and leaders of the future.

Our goal is to foster personal greatness in our students.  In our small school setting, each teacher comes to know the students, through differentiated instruction and can help lead them to realize their potential as leaders, successful students, and tomorrow’s heroes.

We believe that parents are the first and most effective teachers.  Our goal is to be a resource to support the family in educating successful students.  Parents are invited and encouraged to participate in all aspects of the American Heritage Academy experience.

American Heritage Academy teaches using positive role models, the great men and women of our history, particularly our founding fathers, and those who build, uplift, and encourage, all within the framework of a classical education.

Students will study classical literature throughout all the grade levels and will embark on a three phase journey related to a classical approach to education.

Our youth live in the greatest time in history! They possess individual, unique, and wonderful talents. They come from a long line of great men and women who performed great deeds. This is their heritage…their destiny!  We encourage patriotism, integrity, and all of the principles that have made America great. =

Students will study liberty, freedom, and guiding principles for a successful future as a productive citizen of this great Republic!

Thank you for choosing the school that “builds tomorrow’s heroes today!”