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Principal’s Message

Dear Parents, Guardian and Students,

I appreciate all of your patience and hard work during these unprecedented times. I am impressed by the positive, ‘can-do’ attitude displayed by the AHA teachers and community in general. Almost overnight you have pulled together and transitioned from a traditional school to a hybrid distance learning school. Everyone should be proud of this accomplishment.

As we approach the culmination of this unique school year I know that people have questions. I will attempt to address a few things here, but I can’t possibly anticipate everything, so remember that you can always email me directly at I will answer your every question to the best of my ability. And if I don’t know the answer, I will let you know that as well.

First, we have posted a statement about grading on the website. In a nutshell, no student’s grade will be harmed because of the switch to distance learning. Not everyone has equal access to resources and in the interest of equity, work that is done at this time will go towards improving grades, but will not lower them. That does NOT mean that students should discontinue working. Teachers are putting together materials that are critical to preparing students for further education, be they in Kindergarten or 12th Grade. Teachers will provide feedback and coaching to help students improve their skills. Upper grade students can use this as a first exposure to on-line education, which will inevitably be a component of their college experience. Important concepts are being introduced and skills are being maintained.

Students who were on track to be promoted to the next grade, or graduating, will not see that change. At this time I do not know what Promotion and Graduation ceremonies will look like. We will celebrate these milestones to the best of our ability.

In the interest of keeping everyone safe, the physical school will remain closed. Those families who do not have access to the Internet or an on-line device may pick up physical copies of work at both schools on Wednesdays only, from 10-4. The work will be placed outside on tables. If you need to speak to the office, please call; we will not be interacting face to face at this time. Phone messages will be checked throughout the week and responded to in a timely fashion. Any hard copy work done is not to be returned to the school. Please take a picture of completed work and email it to your teacher.

Stay safe, your teachers and support staff miss all of you, as do Mrs. Crownoble and I. We will get through this and meet again soon. 

Jay Litwicki


American Heritage Academy

“If you are not willing to learn, no one can help you. If you are willing to learn, no one can stop you.”