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About American Heritage Academy

Charter schools are Arizona’s educational reform; schools of choice, responding to local parent/student wants and needs. American Heritage Academy is excited about offering a unique educational experience with old-fashioned principles that have worked for hundreds of years.

Our goal is to foster personal greatness in our students as they achieve high academic standards in a respectful environment. In our small school setting, each teacher comes to know the students and can help lead them up the avenue to success. Responsibility for learning falls on the student, and staff and teachers help them to realize their potential as leaders, successful students, and tomorrow’s heroes.

Successful students will have a basic skill foundation leading to higher thinking skills. Responsibility and respect are demanded of the student and participation and support of the parents is critical. We do not supplant parents, but support them in their child’s quest for learning. We encourage all parents to visit their students classroom and visit teachers.

American Heritage Academy uses positive role models, the great eminent men and women of history, our founding fathers, and those who build, uplift and encourage, all within the framework of a liberal arts curriculum. The classics and “great books”, defining the nature of man throughout the ages, are informally integrated throughout the school. We begin with the basic of phonics and math memorization. We emphasize reasoning, thinking, communication skills, verbal and written, assisting students in making accurate judgments and understanding the world they are entering.

Our youth live in the greatest time in history! They come from a long line of great men and women who performed great deeds. This is their heritage; this is their destiny. We encourage patriotism, integrity, and all the principles that have made America great. At American Heritage Academy, we love America! We want to restore it to greatness it previously achieved.

Thank you for choosing the school that builds tomorrow’s heroes today!