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What is a charter school?
Charter schools are independent public schools, designed by educators, parents, community leaders, entrepreneurs, and others who are interested in providing a quality education to children in their community. These organizations contract with the State to provide education at no charge to children who elect to attend.

Is there food service?
Yes, we now have food services. Please view the site specific food service information for our Camp Verde and Cottonwood campuses.

Is AHA a “Religious School”?
A child’s religious education is the duty of the parents. AHA encourages family participation in religious practices of their own persuasion. AHA curriculum includes moral values, character development, high standards and values. It refers to the historical beliefs of the Founders, as well as great religious leaders of the world. It reaffirms and respects religious holidays and practices. Students from all religious persuasions attend; tolerance and understanding is encouraged.

Does AHA have a dress code?
AHA was one of the first public schools in Arizona to initiate a uniform dress standard. Peer pressure is eliminated when students dress similarly and can concentrate on academics instead of modeling the latest clothing fads. There is no “class” distinction between the “rich or poor.” Approved uniform clothing is a requirement for all students and must be worn appropriately. Clothing is purchased by families at their own expense through local stores.

Does AHA give homework?
Age appropriate homework is part of the curriculum. Outside reading, projects, practice (language, music) are expectations. Parents should limit or restrict TV, videos, games, etc. until homework is completed.

How much does it cost to attend?
There is no tuition or admission charge. AHA is an independent, state funded public charter school. It cannot charge fees or tuition to enroll or attend.

Does AHA have extracurricular activities and field trips?
Learning is encouraged in a variety of settings including; sports, appropriate dances, parades, field trips, Art/Field Day, and Health Week. We encourage students to be involved in Boy Scouts, Girls Scouts, 4-H, Church Youth Groups, and sports activities.

What is the “Site Council”?
You can find information about the Site Council at AHA Camp Verde by clicking the following link:

Site Council at AHA Camp Verde

What about parental involvement?
Parents are an integral part of a child’s education. AHA was founded to supplement and encourage parents as allies, not supplant or replace them. It supports and strengthens the parents in their role as stewards over their children’s education. The ultimate responsibility for education belongs to the student. Teachers encourage parents to visit classes.

How is student growth evaluated?
Learning is measured by classroom testing and portfolios indicating growth by meeting the Arizona Academic Standards. Pre-post testing and the AzMerit testing and 4 benchmarks per year are used.

What about college and “early” graduation?
Students are urged into a “seamless learning” process that encourages them to take concurrent community college classes without age discrimination. Occasionally classes are offered on our campus. A student could possibly complete 4 years of high school in 3 years. Students transfer to college as they graduate.

Will my child receive a quality education?
Jay P. Greene, Ph.D., Greg Forester, Ph.D., and Marcus A. Winters for the Manhattan Institute for Policy Research findings: Measuring test score improvements in eleven states over a one-year period, this study finds that charter schools serving the general student population outperformed nearby regular district schools on math tests by three percentile points for a student starting at the 50th percentile. These charter schools also outperformed regular public schools on reading tests by two percentile points for a student starting at the 50th percentile.

How many children are in a class?
We keep our classes small. Small classes and personal attention from teachers permit children to grasp each subject offered using traditional teaching methods. Students can be retained or advanced faster, depending on individual accomplishments. Each student has a P.E.P. (Personal Education Plan) defining High School graduation goals. Accommodations are made as required by law. Classes are limited to approximately 20 students.

Does AHA have a sports program?
AHA believes physically fit students perform better academically. It encourages individual performance through indoor, outdoor and intramural sports such as soccer, basketball, volleyball, flag football and baseball. An indoor gymnasium/auditorium and grassed soccer field provide year round activities. We are a member of the CAA and we offer a wide variety of sports and club opportunities.

What is your “Back to Basics” program?
Teaching elementary basics means: reading, (phonics) writing, and arithmetic, in a character building environment. AHA uses “traditional” concepts of instruction and discipline with modern technology and contemporary understanding of childhood learning. So called “progressive” teaching methods make it difficult for students to acquire the mental discipline that “traditional” instruction once cultivated. Students acquire these basic elements by addressing tangible facts, considering logical concepts and using intelligent language.

What does the School Board do?
An appointed 5 member School Board is the policy making organization for the Academy. It approves budget, directs the affairs and is the “court of last resort” for appeals and legal concerns regarding the school. AHA is an I.R.S. approved 501(c)(3) non-profit Corporation.

Is the campus open or closed?
American Heritage Academy is a closed campus. After arriving on campus, students are to remain on campus unless given permission from the office to leave. Parents/guardians who plan to take students from the Academy during regular hours must have authorization from the office prior to removing the student from school. Students are NOT allowed to leave or drive with another student for lunch or other field trip/excursions. Students must be signed out at the front office by authorized individuals.

Do you really have a four-day school week?
Yes, Monday through Thursday. We encourage Fridays be used for family time: dentist, doctor visits, field trips, outings and sports activities, homework if necessary.