Camp Verde: (928) 567-0462
Cottonwood: (928) 634-2144

Steps for Google Classroom:

Step 1: Put this into your address bar it will ask you to log into your account. Students use their sequoia schools email address for this. (first four letters of last name, first four of first name @ For example my email would be Passwords are the kids student ID numbers with two 00’s added at the end.


Step 2: Once you’re in you will see a screen that looks like this:


Click the + sign to “Join a Class” and then enter the class codes listed in the table below.


Step 3: Done! If you have trouble your teachers emails are linked in that same table and are available for assistance.

John Hammerle 6th Grade ELA Class Code: uhffzse

7th Grade ELA Class Code: piinbht

7th Grade Social Studies Class Code: d3213ni

8th Grade ELA Class Code: awqwtpv

Deanell Gregory 6th Grade Social Studies Class Code: tm3t2ze

6th Grade Science Class Code: Pn2m5xz

7th Grade Science Class Code: w273mqc

8th Grade Science Class Code: xwqxrje

Kelly Maize

6th Grade Math Class Code: ffwx2le

7th Grade Math Class Code: lo4ftq3

8th Grade Math/Social Studies Class Code: tzxe4r3

Elective Forum for Pandemic Conversation: cyrrgfo