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Cottonwood: (928) 634-2144

Online Grading Policy

“In the interest of equity, and understanding that not everyone has equality of access to online or hardcopy education, please be advised that it is American Heritage’s current policy that a student’s grade as it stood prior to school closure, will not be reduced as a result of distance learning. Work done during this unprecedented time, either physical or virtual, can only improve a student’s grade.”

Steps for Google Classroom:

Step 1: Put this into your address bar it will ask you to log into your account. Students use their sequoia schools email address for this. (first four letters of last name, first four of first name @ For example my email would be Passwords are the kids student ID numbers with two zeros added at the end.


Step 2: Once you’re in you will see a screen that looks like this:


Click the + sign to “Join a Class” and then enter the class codes listed in the table below.


Step 3: Done! If you have trouble your teachers emails are linked in that same table and are available for assistance.


Middle School/High School

Nate Hansen (Middle School ELA/Social Studies) ELA Class Code: dg6ogxg 

Social Studies Class Code: nhankpj

Extra Credit Class Code: uwss5ns

Lucinda Bigelow (Middle School Science/Math) 7th Grade Science Class Code: aeb2xt6

8th Grade Class Code: njxkdot

Math on MobyMax (School Code az317)

Stephanie VanGorp (High School Math) Algebra 1 Class Code: jgipyh3

Geometry Class Code: plqhvqc

Algebra II Class Code: a4r23ky 

Financial Literacy Class Code:  nnqeqkk

Jay Litwicki (High School Social Studies) 9th Grade World History I Class Code: ptzmdsj

10th Grade World History II Class Code: xrjmszh

11th Grade US History Class Code: cqdt5kd

12th Grade Economics Class Code: i3abpte

Leadership Elective Class Code: ji4xd3s

Daniel Tharp (High School English) 9th Grade ELA Class Code: qzqadpw

10th Grade ELA Class Code: 7r542ti

11th Grade ELA Class Code: menjkn7

12th Grade ELAClass Code: nckrjtm

Danielle Hlava (High School Science) 9th Grade Earth Science Class Code: rbvn6de

10th Grade Biology Class Code: yx4dsdu

11th Grade Chemistry Class Code: rcpyckm

Lee Beck (High School Spanish)  

Spanish Class Code: 6a56mmk



Elementary School

Tristan Rowe (3rd Grade)   

3rd Grade Class Code: wbr2faf


Deb McNally (4th Grade)  

4th Grade Class Code: mm242z6


Linda Allred (5th Grade)  

5th Grade Class Code: gydrffw


Matt Bazzill (6th Grade)

Ann Shaw (6th Grade)

Mr. B 6th Grade Class Code: wxlaolh

Ms. Shaw 6th Grade Class Code: uetei4z

Ms. Shaw Current Events Class Code: hm536fi


Leonard Miller (PE)
3rd-4th Grades: inllnsu
5th-6th Grades: vfhiwti
7th-9th Grades: zhfmjcx