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Dress Code


Good personal hygiene, grooming and appropriate dress are crucial to making the most of your educational experience at American Heritage Academy.  Clothing, hairstyles that are not a natural human hair color, and makeup or jewelry that detracts from the educational setting will not be allowed.  The mandatory standards are as follows:

  • Uniform clothing is required for all Students must wear approved clothing appropriately WHILE ON CAMPUS. Students who do not come appropriately attired, or with soiled, torn, or ragged clothing may be sent home until the PROBLEM IS CORRECTED.  Parents will be notified.
  • Hats may be worn outside the building only. Students cannot have colored Mohawks, dreadlocks, or “baggie”/tight (revealing) clothing. Boys may not wear earrings or any other visual body piercings/jewelry outside of the uniform. Ladies are expected to limit earrings to one pair, in the lower ears only. It will be at the discretion of administration to determine the appropriateness of the jewelry.
  • Tattoos are highly discouraged AND must be covered and not exposed, this includes the AHA staff.
  • Young men must be clean-shaven and hair must not be below the collarLadies and Gentlemen should practice good hygiene. Please keep your hair out of your face.  We want to see your beautiful smiles.
  • Footwear is required. Shoes and socks should not detract from and must be safe from slipping or falling. No flip-flops (thongs), or open sandals are allowed in P.E., Home Economics (cooking) classes or in the labs. Violators will call home.
  • Undershirts must be solid white, red, or navy blue and be tucked in.
  • White button down shirts must be tucked in. No other color button down is allowed.  This is the alternative top to the AHA polo.  No logo required.
  • Religious exemptions will be granted with proper documentation.


1:  Solid red, white, or navy polo’s with AHA logo ONLY.

2:  Solid red, white or navy pullovers, sweatshirts, hoodies, or vests.  Students may wear non-AHA colored items contained in # 2 to the campus, but must remove them once inside the building.

3:  Solid khaki or navy pants, capris, or shorts.  NO OUTSIDE POCKETS.

4:  Solid navy, khaki colored, or navy plaid skirts or jumpers that go to the knee.

5:  Solid colored red, white, or navy leggings or tights may be worn under skirts/dresses.